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Let his wisdom and experience of the game help you improve yours!

Single lesson - €30 (€30 minutes)

In a single lesson you get one to one coaching from John himself. Choose any 2 topics from any clinic and John will guide you through specific coaching around your chosen area.

Groups - John also caters for small groups with fantastic discounts. Again, choose 2 topics from any clinic and John will make it a fun and inclusive experience for all involved.

Group of 3 : €20 per person (60mins)

Group of 4/5 : €15 per person (60mins)

Clinics are €60 - 1 person for 1 hour.

Courses (Flexible Times) - John also offers fantastic, fully loaded, 5 week courses that are fun, friendly and highly informative. There’s one for each season so you learn to cope with every condition wind, rain or shine. Fill out the form below to find out more.

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