We are awaiting the arrival of the pencil tinning machine. It is in transit. This important machine will be used to pencil tine the greens every 21 days. An important part of our greens program. It will also be used to hollow core the tee boxes improving the surface of the tee boxes considerably.

A new hover mower has been purchased. This mower will be used on the surrounds of the bunkers and on the slopes of the tee boxes.


It is planned to sand the course this month. This will be done annually with approximately 600 tonnes of sand applied.

The outstanding gravel banding is due to be completed.

The course will be shock waved soon. This will help with the drainage.

The final part of the overhaul of the irrigation system is under way.

The tee boxes on 12/13/14th holes have been hollow cored sanded and seeded.

The work on the yard is now finished. It is a huge improvement with bays for the storage of sand and a safer working environment for our staff.


Many thanks to all who have paid their fees, Can we ask that those whose fees are outstanding please pay by contacting the office as soon as possible or before our return to golf on April 26th.

Its been a tough year covid wise and we as a club understand that some members may be under some financial pressure. If you are in the position where you may be considering opting out of golf due to financial pressure please please contact Frank Casey on 0868166068 or David Kennedy on 0868228861.

Both Frank and David will treat all correspondence in the most sympathetic and confidential manner.

Let us support you at this time.

Stay safe and see you all soon.

Anne and John