This Saturday. Another opportunity to play for great prizes.

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Dear members,

To be Compliant with the current Covid-19 Regulations. We must check for Covid Certs in the Restaurant & Bar areas. This includes the Men's AGM on the 23rd October.

We ask that all members go to their table and have the cert open on the table for the staff to check when taking your order. For the AGM the Certs will be checked at the door.

We would ask that everyone complies with this and avoid any embarrassment to themselves and the staff.

Covid Officer


Top dressing the course is due to start on Thursday 10/06/21. The course will be closed until 12.30.


The drop zones on the 3rd and 14th holes are for the ladies ONLY.


There are now sprinklers on some of the tee boxes. We hope to see an improvement in the condition of the tee boxes in the short term .


Dublin Fire Brigade golf society have the course booked on Friday 11th from 9am to 12pm.


Can we ask members to use their own sandbags ( if they are comfortable to do so)to repair divots.


Mark Harris has been up to inspect the recent drainage works carried out on the 17th.

Please replace divots. Please repair pitchmarks.

Whatever you are up to enjoy the long weekend.

Greens Committee.

Hi All,

On 22/04/21 Dr Foxe visited the course to check the progress of the greens and evaluate the condition of the course generally. I would like to share his conclusions which are a credit to all the volunteers and staff.

Outstanding work on the bunkers by Greg Colman, Kieron Seery and their team.

We are awaiting the arrival of the pencil tinning machine. It is in transit. This important machine will be used to pencil tine the greens every 21 days. An important part of our greens program. It will also be used to hollow core the tee boxes improving the surface of the tee boxes considerably.

A new hover mower has been purchased. This mower will be used on the surrounds of the bunkers and on the slopes of the tee boxes.


It is planned to sand the course this month. This will be done annually with approximately 600 tonnes of sand applied.


Niall Tallon


Anne O'Shea
Ladies Captain


John Phelan
Mens Captain