Hole 1 – A (not so) gentle opening hole. Green visible in the distance. Bogey very acceptable
Next tee : back left

Hole 2 – Medium par 3. Par is possible. Next tee : forward left (separate ladies tee)

Hole 3 – Dog leg left. Note white pole in the distance is a boundary marker, keep well right. Bravery required
for downhill shot to green. Ring bell before going to next tee. Next tee : forward left (separate ladies

Hole 4 – Short par 4 with green straight up over brow of hill. Keep left without going on to road! Do not drive
until 7th green (distant right) is clear Next tee : righ

Hole 5 - A short par 3. Avoid front (pot) bunker. Next tee : forward

Hole 6 – Dog leg right. A straight drive between trees required with ball falling from right. An uphill 2nd shot to
a raised green. Bunker to right of green. Next tee : at upper car park

Hole 7 – The only par 5 (gents), straight down and green is visible for 2nd shot. Note pin positions of 9th green
(from 7th tee) and 8th green (from 7th fairway) as you pass. Green well bunkered so par is
acceptable. Next tee : left and down to corner, tee shared with 4th

Hole 8 – Dog leg right. Avoid lone tree on right. 2nd shot is uphill with only top of pin visible (did you observe
pin position when playing 7th! ) Next tee : back right

Hole 9 – The first of 3 difficult par 4’s (gents). A good drive with a slight draw still leaves a long uphill 2nd shot
(hope you observed pin position on 7th tee!). A bogey is a very acceptable score to finish the front nine.
Next tee : forward

Hole 10 – The second of the difficult troika! A gentle dog leg left. Wait for bell to signal ok to drive. Keep drive
to the right as natural fall is to the left. 2nd shot to the green is through a narrow entrance of tall
trees. Remember to ring bell to signal ok for those on tee to drive. Next tee : right

Hole 11 – Going for a hat-trick of pars 4’s?- you must be playing well. The radio mast is your line from the tee
A long uphill drive over the brow of the hill will still require a medium iron 2nd shot. A par on this
index 1 highest green in Ireland is deserving of self congratulations! Next tee : left through the trees

Hole 12 – Now for a relaxing short straight par 4, but drive must be straight. Avoid deep bunkers to right.
Next tee : Left through trees

Hole 13 – A picturesque par 3 surrounded by trees. But concentration on golf is required to achieve par.
Next tee : right through trees and right to tee

Hole 14 – Dog leg right. Aim for bunkers in distance and natural fall of ground will turn ball towards green. An
accurate second shot is required. Avoid hitting ball through the green. Next tee : left at roadway

Hole 15 – Slight uphill with gentle fade to right. Narrow entrance to green guarded by serious bunkers. Index 1
for ladies. Next tee : right and up the footpath (gents), right (only) ladies

Hole 16 – Downhill, dog leg right. Anything to right of fairway will leave a difficult 2nd shot. Next tee : forward

Hole 17 – A long dog leg right. Ground falls to right so hit ball to left of fairway. Possibility of some fun on this
green! Next tee : forward and right

Hole 18 – A straight and long uphill par 4 (gents) to a raised green. Anything resembling a par is a miracle!
19th hole : forward to clubhouse, bring money!

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