Welcome to Slade Valley Golf Club

Slade Valley is a member owned golf club which is approaching its 50th year anniversary. The Club was founded on an ‘open door’ policy, making golf available to all within a short distance of Dublin. Today, we still pride ourselves for having a great club atmosphere where everyone is welcomed. Why not come and experience the benefits of being a club member, with easy access to our panoramic golf course and club facilities.

“Slade Valley….the Best Golf Club in the Region”


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New Membership Offer for 2018: Men €795*- Ladies €350**
Further Discounts for Under 35’s Starting from €225
* This is a 30% discount for 2018. 15% discount will apply in 2019
** This is a substantial (approx. 70% discount) introductory offer for 2018 only. 30% discount will apply in 2019